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You can awake your spiritual forces right now! This is live knowledge and we are inviting You to check yourself everything. Receive your Self Realization while sitting in front of the computerů

There are regular Sahaja Yoga schools for beginners in Ukraine. All comers can receive their Self Realization there and feel the joy of their own Spirit. They can learn Sahaja meditation for the purpose of self-knowledge and their own subtle powers awakening. They also can learn the techniques of subtle body cleaning and many other interesting and useful things.

The studies usually take place once a week either on workdays at 19:00 or on holidays. You can find out by telephone when and where new school starts. Telephone in Kyiv: 440-17-79, 418-29-83. The whole telephone list of Sahaja Yoga centers in Ukraine can be found here.

Entry is free. Visit please; You will be greeted with Love.

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